Announcing: Elemental Cloud Computing

The reason I’ve been so quiet lately.  I’ve been putting the finishing touches on Elemental Cloud Computing.

Elemental Cloud Computing is a new research offering dedicated to exploring the opportunities, issues, technologies, offerings and implications of cloud computing from a practitioner perspective.

Key to the practitioner perspective is context.  Context influences the Elemental Cloud Computing (ELCC) research philosophy in two ways.  First, cloud computing is being viewed in the broader context of business, technology, people, and value attainment.

Second, cloud computing is being considered as part of a broader enterprise technology strategy.  This includes understanding the connections and/or potential conflicts between cloud computing and services architecture, information strategies, portfolio management, business architecture, business-driven IT profiles and IT capability delivery.

Although Elemental Cloud Computing is a new research offering, I have been following and writing about the cloud computing space over the course of 2009.  As many know, it started unintentionally, after attending the Open Group’s Cloud Computing Summit in early February.

Shortly afterwards, I published my Unintentional Cloud Watching >> Cloud Watching for Enterprise Architects post on elemental links, and began an intentional study of cloud computing through the lens of an enterprise architect.

Elemental Cloud Computing is a means to extend, organize and share my intentional cloud watching. Departing from traditional research services, Elemental Cloud Computing contains a mix of original works, formal research, commentary and curated industry content.

Check it out.  Let me know what cloud computing topics are on the top of your list.

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