5th Anniversary Edition – Event-Driven Architecture Overview

Five years ago, I published my Event-Driven Architecture Overview on the Patricia Seybold Group Research Service as well as on elemental links

Without question, the Event-Driven Architecture Overview is the most popular piece I have written.  Because it is architectural, rather than technical, it remains relevant today, and will continue to help practitioners for the next several years.

To celebrate both the 5th Anniversary of the Event-Driven Architecture Overview report publication, and the rising interest in event-driven architecture and event processing, I’m re-issuing the core of the original paper in a traditional, portable, and easy-to-print format.

Staying true to the original, the re-issued report explains key event concepts, walks through event processing flows, and identifies the major implementation components of an event-driven architecture.  I did update the event processing provider footnote to reflect current players.

The re-issue includes a new introduction as well as the requisite “About Brenda and Event Processing” page.

The report is free to download, no registration required.  If you like it, pass it on to your friends and colleagues. 

Download the 5th Anniversary Edition – Event Driven Architecture Overview.  (PDF)


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