Brenda M. Michelson

Brenda M. Michelson is a business-technology advisor, enterprise systems architect and execution strategist.


Brenda M. Michelson helps business-technology leaders, architects and teams apply technology for business advantage.

From nearly 30 years of industry experience, Michelson has developed a unique point-of-view, which combines the thinking of an enterprise systems architect, the strategic concerns of an executive, and the execution pragmatism of a practitioner.

Through her sole practitioner consultancy, Elemental Links, Michelson offers advisory and consulting services, as well as publications on developing business-technology capabilities.

When not working with clients, Brenda writes about the intersection of business, technology, information and relevance on her elemental links blog.


Michelson has been providing advisory and consulting services through Elemental Links, Inc. since 2004.

From 2007 – 2009, Elemental Links was under contract with the Object Management Group (OMG) to develop and lead the community programs of the SOA Consortium. During this tenure, Brenda held the additional title of SOA Consortium Program Director.

Prior to pursuing Elemental Links full time, Brenda was a Senior Vice President and Senior Consultant/Analyst with the Patricia Seybold Group.

Brenda spent 19 years in corporate IT, most recently as Chief Enterprise Architect for L.L. Bean. At L.L. Bean, Brenda was responsible for the articulation and execution of the enterprise architecture strategy (J2EE transformation, enterprise integration, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA)), strategic planning, portfolio management and talent development.

Previous to L.L. Bean, over the span of 10 years, Brenda provided development services for Insurance, Banking, a Chip Manufacturer and a world leader in Aircraft Engine Design & Manufacturing.

Brenda holds a B.S. from Bryant College, from which she graduated summa cum laude.

Contact Information

email: brenda at elementallinks dot com

phone: +1 207 956 0396

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