Odds & ends: process, clouds and more.

In between snow shoveling episodes, I’ve been quietly working on client projects and change-friendly.  Before I finally break hibernation and hit the road to attend Cloud Connect and Troux Worldwide, I wanted to share several items.

1. The Process Knowledge Initiative (my client) announced that Progress Software and AgilePoint have signed on as Catalyst Sponsors, and that the PKBoK Wiki is now available.  The initial content is the proposed knowledge areas.  The PKI is looking for community input on the knowledge areas, and for on-going content development.  Check out the news and the PKBoK Wiki.

2. This morning, David Linthicum, Bill Russell and I traded top cloud computing stories for February.  You can catch the podcast, and folly, here.

3. On the top 3 cloud stories podcast, we all picked Vivek Kundra’s cloud computing strategy.  The report is available on Scribd.  Section II, the Decision Framework, has some good tips for organizations considering cloud computing.

4. In organizing my change-friendly work, I discovered a great writing tool, Scrivener.  The best way to describe it is “an IDE for writers”.  You can work at any level of granularity, easily shift to larger contexts, and keep an eye on the big picture.  It’s perfect for the way I think/work.  Now, if only it had an “expand this tweet to a chapter” function.

5. I will be live-blogging from Cloud Connect next week.  Live coverage will be on elemental cloud computing.


[Disclosure: The Process Knowledge Initiative is a client of Elemental Links].

Last week on elemental cloud computing


Taking inspiration from Dogbert, last week I (finally) ended my cloud watch quiescence on elemental cloud computing.  Two posts that were popular with the cloud crowd:

Coverage of James Staten’s Cloud Computing Session @ Forrester IT Forum

Looking for my coverage of James Staten’s talk on How much of your future is in the Cloud?  It’s on elemental cloud computing.  Click here.