Brenda M. Michelson provides advisory and consulting services to organizations starting, advancing or transforming key business-technology programs or initiatives.

Organizations draw on Michelson’s expertise and thinking to:

  • Formulate, refine and validate technology strategies, business and technical architectures, business-system designs and technology-driven transition programs
  • Understand the promises and implications of technology trends and practices, within a specified context
  • Jumpstart the design and realization of enterprise (macro) technology capabilities and programs, such as unified data (customer, provider), integration / digital pathways, event processing, and architecture infusion
  • Serve as trusted advisor to CIOs, CTOs, Chief Architects, IT Directors and project executives as they pursue the agendas of their office

Services are delivered through Michelson’s sole practitioner consultancy, Elemental Links, Inc., a corporation registered in Maine, USA.

Advisory Services

Clients seeking an ongoing relationship choose retainer based advisory services. Relationship term, activities and deliverables are customized for the needs of the individual client.

Advisory services are available to business-technology executives, architects and project teams.

Consulting Services

Clients seeking education on a business-technology topic, guidance on a specific problem or project, or custom research, choose time-boxed or deliverable-bound consulting services.

Consulting engagement models are determined by the project type, scope, and duration.

Contact Brenda

As engagement topics, activities and deliverables vary by client needs, the best way to learn more is to contact Brenda.

Industry Experience

Michelson works across industries, with significant experience in:

  • Banking
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail (Multichannel)
  • Software / Technology
  • State Government Agencies