Custom Session and Advisory Services

Brenda M. Michelson helps individuals, teams and organizations understand, think through and discuss technology matters.

Clients engage with Brenda to learn about a technology trend and its implications, to augment research and discussion capability, and to add a different perspective on a situation.

Engagements are custom designed.


1. Brenda is often called upon by cross-discipline (business, technology, information) teams to:

(a) explain a technology topic or trend (as simply and clearly as possible), and

(b) lead work/discussion sessions on applying (or unraveling) the technology topic or trend within the client’s business context

2. Brenda regularly provides custom advisory and research services to business-technology executives (CIO, CTO, CDO), program leaders and architect teams as they pursue the unique agendas of their offices.

To discuss an explainer/work/discussion session topic, or advisory services, please use this form, send an email or call: +1 207 956 0396.

Industry Experience

Brenda works across industries, with significant experience in:

  • Banking
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail (Multichannel)
  • Software / Technology
  • State Government Agencies

Brenda’s Bio Page.